A short thought regarding hasty bastards

by mikemckinnon525

This happens a lot around here. You’re sitting at a traffic light, intending to turn right, but the turn lane is several car lengths ahead and there’s not enough space to squeeze past the stopped cars ahead of you to get into it. Just as traffic starts to move and you begin to turn into the lane, blinker on, a silver Lexus GS blitzes up from behind, driving mostly on the shoulder/bike lane, scraping the curb, leaving mere inches between them and the cars to their left. And there you are, moving into the turn lane, unable to see this silver Lexus coming out of nowhere, and you have to make a choice… dart back into the lane and miss your turn, or stick the landing and pray he has insurance.

I need to explain there are some places where the silver Lexus’ action would be perfectly acceptable. I’m thinking the ramp onto 360 from MoPac, where there’s a full-width shoulder. I’m not just using that example to justify my doing that, either. Not much, anyway. That would be hypocritical! Where you don’t expect it is where there isn’t technically enough room for a car to move out of traffic and onto a shoulder, or in this case, into a bike lane.

And when you decide to engage in this maneuver, and a car ahead has paid attention to and obeys traffic law, taking both hands off the wheel to throw a double birdie just comes off as weak. If you’re really that angry, just go ahead, ramming speed, and run that other car off the road. Be a man, man.